UV Sun Protection Swimwear for Children Size 6 months to 10 years - French Designer
About FEDJOA Kids
A look for each kid with a large range of colourful UV swimwears

Fashionable prints with Blue butterfly from Guyana, small Liberty flowers, navy-striped

FEDJOA Kids, designed to protect the skin of your kid from UV rays
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Welcome to FEDJOA kids® online Shop
Discover our new collection of UV sun protective swimsuits for children

One piece UV sun protection swimwears, 2 pieces combo UV sun protective swimsuits, UV sun protective T-shirts and UV sun protective shorts. We offer the best in sun protection and French beach UV fashion for babies and children from 6 months to 10 years of age.

Choose FEDJOA kids for the quality of its UV products that are long-lasting, chemical free and provide 50+ protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Enjoy, FEDJOA KIDS French Team

UV Sunsuit
39,90 €
UV Sunsuit
39,90 €
UV Tee Shirt & Short
46,90 €
UV Tee Shirt & Short
46,90 €
_____________________________________________  FEDJOA® UV SUN INNOVATION
                                                                The safest Textile for a healthylifestyle

                Meeting with the

Top quality Lycra UV SUN PROTECTION UPF 50+ 

What makes FEDJOA kids so special?

Selected by health professionals, FEDJOA® specialises the safest sun protection quality fabrics with a unique high performance UV rate made with from a special innovative "SAND RESISTANT” European Lycra.

To ensure your swimwear retains its sun protective properties, it is essential to choose its long-lasting UV index performance.

Don't stretch a fabric to take out the sand inlayed in the Lycra, you can damage the tight weaving of the fibbers and eventually allows UV rays to get through.

Choose FEDJOA KIDS for his safety UPF 50+ sand resistant Lycra Top Quality Innovation and make the best investment in the highest protection rated.

Maximize your fun in the sun and discover FEDJOA® UV Kids, a trendy and elegant collection designed in FRANCE.

One piece UV swimsuit, 2 pieces UV sunsuit, UV T-shirt, UV swim bottoms, as well as wide-brimmed UV sun hats and UV sun caps.

FEDJOA KIDS, a fun and fashionable UV sun protective swimwear collection designed in France for stylished babies and children

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UV Sunsuit
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UV Tee shirt & Short
UV Tee shirt & Short

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