UV Sun Protection Swimwear for Children Size 6 months to 10 years - French Designer

FEDJOA is a French company which specializes in long-lasting fashionable UV sun protective clothing rated UPF 50, blocking over 98% of the sunís harmful rays.

FEDJOA KIDS collection offers a stylish UV sunsuits for babies and children from 6 months to 10 years.

As parents, the French designers of FEDJOA KIDS know the importance of protecting your children from the sun with quality products.

The purpose of FEDJOA is to manufacture the safest UPF 50+ Sun Protection Swimwear, using a top quality innovative sand resistant UPF50+ Lycra and design a great comfortable collection with fun print patterns and a wide range of beach colours.

FEDJOA KIDS is a big hit in France and all over the world.