UV Sun Protection Swimwear for Children Size 6 months to 10 years - French Designer

Top quality innovative Lycra UPF 50+, tested Arpansa AS/NZS 4399-1996

The safest Textile for a healthy lifestyle

What makes FEDJOA kids so special?

Selected by health professionals, FEDJOA® specialises the safest sun protection quality fabrics with a unique high performance UV rate made with from a special innovative "SAND RESISTANT” European Lycra.

To ensure your swimwear retains its sun protective properties, it is essential to choose its long-lasting UV index performance.

Don't stretch a fabric to take out the sand inlayed in the Lycra, you can damage the tight weaving of the fibbers and eventually allows UV rays to get through.

Choose FEDJOA KIDS for his safety UPF 50+ sand resistant Lycra Top Quality Innovation and make the best investment in the highest protection rated.

The high performance UV protective fabrics in our products are specially designed to provide 50+ UPF protection; they are also four-and-a-half times more resistant to chlorine than normal elastane products.

Made from ultra lightweight and quick-drying European fabric, all FEDJOA kids UV swimwears provide very high protection for babies' delicate skin against the sun harmful UV rays.

Maximize your fun in the sun and discover FEDJOA® UV Kids, a trendy and elegant collection designed in FRANCE.

One piece UV swimsuit, 2 pieces UV sunsuit, UV T-shirt, UV swim bottoms, as well as wide-brimmed UV sun hats and UV sun caps.


Excellent UV SUN PROTECTION UPF 50+, Arpansa AS/NZS 4399-1996

The highest rating available to clothing and blocks more than 98% of harmful UVA and UVB rays



To ensure your swimwear retains its sun protective properties, it is essential to treat this garment with care.

Better rinse the swimwear in cool, fresh water after swimming, and dry away from direct sunlight.

Machine-washable in 30° maxi 40°

Any chemicals from the water will react with the fabric causing deterioration of the Lycra; the colour from the suits may bleed and stain.

Avoid contact with chemical agents. This includes sun creams and after sun products. The suit will protect your skin from the sun. Wearing cream under the suit will force the chemicals from the sun cream into the fabric and cause the lycra to deteriorate. However, you should always wear sun cream on exposed skin not covered by Fedjoa kids UV sun protective clothing.