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General Conditions of Sale

FEDJOA is a company registered under number SIREN 393 871 124 00029. Their postal address in France is: 66 Avenue du Général de Gaulle 33260 La Teste de Buch and their email address is The site is the exclusive property of Fedjoa. All full or partial reproduction of elements that form the FEDJOA site: design, models, illustrations, logos, text, images, makes... is strictly subject to the owner's authorisation.

The objectives of the current general conditions are to define the rights and obligations of the parties in the event of sale in line with articles proposed by FEDJOA to the consumer.

Acceptance of General Terms and Conditions

Each order taken from a FEDJOA line is in accordance with and assumes the acceptance of the current general terms and conditions. By submitting the order, it implies that the conditions have been fully accepted. This is validated by a PIN number. Contractual information will be sent via email to the address given by the customer on the order form. The computerised records, retained on FEDJOA computer systems under secure conditions, are considered to be proof of communication, orders and payments which have taken place between both parties. The filing of order forms and invoices is carried out on a reliable and durable backup system. These general terms and conditions overrule any other conditions on all other documentation, unless otherwise stated in writing.

FEDJOA reserves the right to update these general conditions at any point. The customer can consult these modifications by entering the FEDJOA website and clicking on "General Terms and Conditions”.

Orders made on the FEDJOA website are for personal use only. The resale of parts or whole articles purchased on the FEDJOA website is strictly forbidden.

Product Information

Every effort has been made to ensure that information found on the FEDJOA site is correct. FEDJOA and its suppliers, however, cannot be held responsible for any consequences, incidents, or damage as a result of electronic transactions or the accuracy of information submitted, even if FEDJOA was aware of the possibility of such damage. The names and makes of products and manufacturers are solely given for identification purposes. Photos, descriptions and prices of products are not contractual. If you would like to ask any questions regarding the products, you can get in touch with Customer Services by clicking on "contact”.


With FEDJOA's online shop, customers can buy a range of products directly from anywhere in the world.

Once the customer has checked that all order information is correct, FEDJOA's commercial team will confirm and accept the customer order by sending a confirmation email. Once the order has been confirmed, the sale is complete. FEDJOA reserves the right to cancel any customer order with which they have a dispute with regards to a previous order, a lack of respect for current terms and conditions, or a malicious intention. FEDJOA reserves the right to modify its online product list at any time. FEDJOA products are given with a limit to their available stock. FEDJOA is consequently not responsible for stock damages or lack of availability in certain items. However, our online order system only takes available items into consideration. An order will not be processed if a PO Box address is given.


Products are charged at the price indicated on the FEDJOA website at the time of submitting the order. Once the order has been submitted, the price is final. It will include the price of the chosen products, packaging and delivery charges. Prices will be given in Euros and include VAT.

FEDJOA reserves the right to modify product prices on their website.


The price that the customer will pay is indicated on the confirmation, which is emailed to the customer once the order has been placed. All orders placed on the FEDJOA website are calculated in Euros. The payment can be made by cheque, bank card, or PayPal. Orders submitted by the customer will only be effective once the payment has been authorised by the respective bank payment centre. If the payment is rejected by the bank, the order will automatically be cancelled and the customer will be notified via email. In addition, FEDJOA reserves the right to refuse the order from a customer with whom they have a dispute.


Once the order has been confirmed, the products are delivered to the address indicated by the customer on their order voucher and solely in the geographical regions that we cover. FEDJOA aims to get the order to its courier within 2 working days. The courier will deliver the order to the customer's address given by FEDJOA. Deliveries will be carried out by either express recorded mail with proof of delivery for continental France or standard post via French mail for the EEC and other countries. For deliveries outside of continental France, the customer is responsible for paying all import taxes, customs, VAT and all other taxes operating in the country receiving the parcel. Consequently, FEDJOA takes no responsibility if the payment of such taxes has not been made by the customer. In order to obtain more information on delivery time outside of France, please contact our customer service centre by email at:

Possible delays do not give the customer the right to claim damages and interest. In the event of a war, riot, fire, strike, accident, or an impossibility to deliver the product, FEDJOA will assert a case of force majeure and not deliver to the customer.

It is essential that the customer verifies the merchandise on delivery. The customer should confirm any fault regarding delivery (referencing errors, missing, damage...) by sending a complaint form by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt within 2 days of delivery.

All complaints that are not carried out within the defined rules above and within the given time cannot be considered and clears FEDJOA of any responsibility towards the customer. For reasons of availability, orders may be delivered in several stages. The customer will only pay one delivery fee. In cases where the customer requests 2 places of delivery, 2 orders will have to be made with forwarding charges linked to each order.

Cancelling an order

The right to cancel an order only applies to a physical person. In accordance with articles L. 120-2-, the customer has up to 7 calendar days to return the item(s) that they do not want, at their own expense, to the vendor. This short period is from the day of delivery of the order. Any return can be indicated beforehand with FEDJOA's customer services. In order for the customer to cancel an order, sensitive products such as sun cream must not have been opened. If a product is returned, it must be complete, in its original packaging, intact and in perfect resalable condition. Products that have been ruined, or are not in their original packaging are classed as damaged and will not be reimbursed, taken back, or exchanged. This right to cancel is without penalty for the customer, except for the cost of sending it back. In the event of a product being cancelled, the customer has the right to either a refund or exchange. In the case of an exchange, the redelivery will be charged to the customer. When a cancellation is made, FEDJOA will make every effort to reimburse the customer within thirty (30) days.


Current terms and conditions are subject to French law. FEDJOA cannot be liable for damages of every nature, be it material damage, consequential or physical, which could result from a malfunction or poor use of commercial products. This also applies to modifications on products from the manufacturers. FEDJOA's responsibility is limited to the value of the order and cannot be blamed for simple errors or omissions which could still remain, in spite of all precautions taken in the presentation of the product. In the event of a dispute, the customer should address the complaint as urgent to BERNADAT in order to obtain an amicable solution. FEDJOA will listen to all difficulties and every declaration is treated to the best of our ability at customer services. You can contact customer services from Monday to Friday (apart from certain days when it will be closed) by telephone or by email at Failing this, cases will be put in front of the Business Tribunal in Bordeaux.


In every case, FEDJOA cannot be held responsible for lack of respect towards regulations and legislation in effect in the country it is being delivered to; FEDJOA has limited responsibility to the value of the product in question, valued at the date of sale, and it is not possible to turn to the make or company producing the product. The customer benefits from a legal guarantee (Art 1625 and onwards in the civil code). If the customer can provide proof of the hidden defect, the vendor must legally repair it (Art 1641 and onwards in the civil code), if the customer goes to tribunal, it must be done soon after the hidden defect has been found (Art 1648 in the civil code).

FEDJOA can only guarantee that the FEDJOA internet site does not contain any viruses, programmes of overwriting data, or other harmful materials.

Protecting Personal Data

In order to be able to process and transport an order, produce an invoice and secure the loyalty of customers, personal date collected on the FEDJOA site in the sales process is obligatory. Failing to provide this information will not allow the order to go through.

According to law 78-17 on 6th January 1978 regarding computers, files and liberties, you have a right to rectification, consultation, modification and withdrawal of data that you have given to us. This right can be exerted on line.